Tingari Cycle #3


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Code: TWT827
Region: Wanapatangu, Western Australia
Vendor: Tingari Arts
Medium: Acrylic on Belgian Linen
Size: 121cm x 61cm


Tingari Cycle #3 by Walala Tjapaltjarri

Walala Tjapaltjarri paints abstract images of sacred stories and songs from his family’s Dreaming. The stories focus around the Tingari, the ancestors of the Pintupi, spirit beings who are believed to have created all living things. His stories are about his country and sacred sites such as Marruwa and Kanapilya.

The artist depicts the Dreaming of their Ancestors – the journeys, actions, sacred objects, designs and sites associated with their Ancestors. These paintings reflect some of the ground markings used during the men’s ceremonies. However some stories and ground markings are considered to be of a secret or sacred nature and only to be told or shown to an initiated male. The artist uses iconography and abstract imagery to depict the sacred ceremony and the sacred site where that dreaming occurs and where the power is still all pervasive. A Dreaming name such as Kangaroo Dreaming is a Dreamtime being, a site associated with that Dreaming and the country surrounding that site. The symbols or signs denote places and sites or the tracks and pathways of the Ancestor.

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Dimensions 121 × 61 cm