Native honey grevillea


Code: EDA-LJ1822/19
Region: Urapuntja, Central Australia
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Medium: Polymer acrylic on canvas
Size: 56cm x 59cm


Loretta Petyarre Jones Native honey grevillea painting depicts the bush honey leaf foliage across her country. She views this from an aerial perspective.

She lives at Soapy Bore (Arawerr) in the Utopia (Urapuntja) Region, north east of Alice Springs. Taught by her mother and aunties, she paints her dreamings – stories passed on down through the generations in her family. Her primary subjects are  Bush Honey Leaves, Bush Honey Grevillea and earthworm.

She paints together with her sisters – the artists Sandra, Rhonda, Agnes and Jilly. They all paint variations on their dreaming and landscape the primary subject of which is Honey Grevillea or Tharrkarr.