Honey Ant (Yerramp) Dreaming


Code: EDA-AM1825/19
Region: Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr, Utopia, Northern Territory
Vendor: Utopian Aboriginal Art
Medium: Polymer acrylic on linen
Size: 59cm x 63cm


Indigenous artist Audrey Kngwarreye Morton comes from an extensive  artistic family. Her sisters Lucky, Janice, Hazel and Ruby are all artists from the Utopia region. Her mother, Mary Kemarre Morton, now deceased,  taught her daughters how to paint and passed on her dreaming stories to her children. including her mother. Audrey paints all her  dreamings which include Alpeyt (Wild Flowers), Rainbow Dreaming (Mpwelarr), Tharrkarr (Sweet Honey Grevillea) and Yerramp (Honey Ant).

The Honey Ant is considered a delicacy by the Utopian women. They search the country for the nests of honey ants and then dig holes to extract them. In this painting Audrey Morton depicts the intricate patterning of the body of the honey ant.