Bush Women (Copy)


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Bush Women by Susan Pitjara Hunter

Born in 1966 into the Alyawarr tribe, Susan Pitjara Hunter is the younger sister of artists Annie, Jessie and Sandy. Susan lives at the outstation on Utopia in the Eastern Desert. She lives a traditional life and spends all her time in the bush. Susan Pitjara Hunter is one of the most talented artists in this region. Susan has always had a deep sense of belonging to her country and has remained steadfastly a bush woman.
Her meticulous execution of Women’s Business is rendered with extreme care and respect for her subject matter.

• National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
• National Gallery of Victoria
• Robert Holmes a Court Collection, Perth

Susan Hunter’s inspiration for her paintings is derived from her knowledge of Awely or women’s business which are ceremonies associated with women’s social structure and ritual knowledge. Sourcing food and women’s role as the provider is an important part of Awely. Bush Honey Grevillea depicted here in this painting is very important to the bush women of Utopia.Its sweet nectar is is eaten and it is a symbol of abundance in their culture. This plant is celebrated in the womens ceremonies (Awely).

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Dimensions 137 × 179 cm