The Great Horse Muster

In the 2nd week of April, and as a part of the Utopia Community Project, a huge Brumby muster was undertaken. Together with the Rural Enterprise Unit, a division of the Central Land Council, Atitie, the Aboriginal Cattle Corporation and assistance from the mob from MacDonald Downs approximately 165 horses were rounded up. This initiative was brought about by the need to clear and sell the huge population of wild horses on Utopia Station to achieve the ultimate goal of repopulating the land with breeding cattle.

Many people were involved in this very successful project including Dale and Steve, the heads of the Rural Enterprise Unit, Cowboy Louie Pwerle, the head of Atitie, the Aboriginal Cattle Corporation, Kelvin Huston of Houston Helicopters, the very skilful helicopter pilot and not to mention the boys from MacDonald Downs and the many ringers that came out and had a go, all shown in the photo to the right.

Once the horses are sold, the money made will enable the people of Utopia to buy a good mob of breeding cattle along with a bull.

Cowboy Louie Pwerle has also hand selected 20 good horses to train and use in the education process for the young trainees on the station. The horses will then be used for mustering.

This is just another step in the re-establishment of Utopia as a working and successful cattle station. Dale and Steve have assisted many Aboriginally-owned stations to re-establish themselves. For example: Mistake Creek which is situated on the NT/WA border. The land management schemes are a new initiative and are still in their infancy. It will be exciting to watch their progress over the next few years.

We would like to thank all that were involved in this massive undertaking and look forward to being there for the next venture.