Pitjara Hunter Family

On the outstation of Atnwengerrpe on Utopia lives the talented Pitjara Hunter family of four siblings Sandy, Annie, Susan, Jessie. Their primary output is painting but they are also skilled in wood work to make sculptures of bush animals.

This week they are producing a series of vibrant new works representing their important women’s business (Awely). These works of art are representations of body and ceremonial adornments. The body paint designs vary from ceremony to ceremony and are also dependent upon the seniority of each member.

The women’s ceremonies are focal points in the life of the community and are integral to the happiness and well being of the people. They gather together and sing and dance led by the most senior women of the clan group. It is at these ceremonial gatherings that the women, especially the younger ones, are taught the tribal dreamings or rules of life by the Elders.

While his sisters depict their ceremonial designs their  brother Sandy, also a fine painter and sculptor paints Bush Tucker Seeds – a ghost gum surrounded by its bush seeds.