Lanscape of our Dreaming in McLaren Vale,SA

In individual ways the artists focus on stories relating to the landscape of their dreamtime. The sixteen plus artists in the exhibition include:

• Walala Tjapaltjarri, who paints the songlines landscape where the ancestors travelled north of Lake Mackay in WA
• Natalie Pula Homeswhose inspiration is the desert landscape, birdlife and the changing colours of the desert sand dunes at dusk
• Daisy NapaltjarriJugadai, who loved to paint the landscape around Haasts Bluff with the sandstone dunes, the large variety of trees, grasses and bush tucker against the blue sky and clouds.
• Lilly Kelly Napangardi, whose dreaming takes in the wind and rain soaked country of the Western Desert.

• Lisa Pula Mills, whose love of the Utopian landscape is her inspiration.

• Susan Pitjara Hunter, who has a deep sense of belonging to her country.

• Josie Petrick Kemare’s bush flowers depict the Utopian landscape after rain

• Sally Kemara Perkins, whose paintings depict the startling effect of rains when the stark desert landscape is transformed into a maze of wildflowers.

Other artists include Thomas Tjapaltjarri, Joy Kngwarreye Jones, Anastasia Bundey Kemare, Gloria Petyarre, Gladdy Kemarre, Sandy Pitjara Hunter plus others.

Eastern Desert Art and Tingari Arts are members of the Indigenous Art Code of Conduct and to demonstrate provenance, artworks are sold with an Authenticity Certificate.