Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Skin: Tjapaltjarri
Language Group: Pintupi
Region: Gibson Desert
Vendor: Tingari Arts
Dreaming: Tingari

Warlimpirrnga is one of central Australia’s most well-known indigenous artists. He was born in the late 1950s, near Lake Mackay, east of where Kiwirrkurra is today. His family were Pintupi hunter-gatherers who lived a traditional nomadic way of life on the western side of the lake, and had never come into contact with Euro-Australian society until the 1980s.

Warlimpirrnga paints abstract images of sacred stories and songs from his family’s Dreaming. The stories focus around the Tingari, the ancestors of the Pintupi, spirit beings who are believed to have created all living things. His stories are about his country and sacred sites such as Marruwa and Kanapilya

  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Musee Des Branly, Paris