Ngoia Napaltjarri Pollard

Skin: Napaltjarri
Language Group: Walpiri
Region: Haasts Bluff
Vendor: Tingari Arts
Dreaming: Yamunturrngu or Mount Liebig

Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri (born c. 1948; also known as Ngnoia) is a Walpiri-speaking Indigenous artist from Australia’s Western Desert region.

Ngoia paints her father’s country, the region of Mount Liebig which is a sacred Walpiri territory. Her paintings are iconographic representations of the water snake and its habitat – the swamps and lakes near Nyrippi (Talarada), north west of Mt. Liebig.

Having commenced painting in 1997, Ngoia Pollard won a major regional art prize in 2004. She went on to win the painting prize in the 2006 National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. Her works are held in major private and public collections, including the National Gallery of Australia.


2002- Northern Territory Art Award
2003- Northern Territory Art Award
2004- First Prize in the Advocate Central Australian Award
2006- First Prize at the 23rd Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award

  • Australian National Gallery, Canberra
  • Corrigan Collection
  • Art Gallery of South Australia

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