Mitjili Napurrula

Skin: Napurrula
Language Group: Pintupi
Region: Haasts Bluff
Vendor: Tingari Arts
Dreaming: Watiya tjuta tree and Water going through root system

Mitjili was born c1945 and started painting in 1993. She was married to the prominent artist, Long Tom Tjapanangka (deceased) and her brother was Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula and sister is Narpula Scobie Napurrula.

Mitjili started painting in 1993 and she can now also paint Long Tom’s stories. Mitjili’s work has been included in over 60 exhibitions in Australia and internationally.

  • Art Gallery of New South Wales
  • National Gallery of Australia, CanberraNational Gallery of Victoria, MelbourneMelbourne MuseumArtbank
  • National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
  • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Artbank
  • Flinders University Art Museum, South Australia
  • 1999 Flinders Art Museum Flinders Uni, Adelaide SA
  • 1999 Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr, Speyer, Germany
  • 2000 Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr, Speyer, Germany
  • 2001 Galerie Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund Denmark
  • 2002 Aboriginal Art Galerie Bahr, Speyer, Germany

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