Elizabeth Mbitjana (Mpetyane)

Skin: Mbitjana (Mpetyane)
Language Group: Anmatyerr
Region: Utopia
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Dreaming: Bush Plum Dreaming

Elizabeth Mbitijana is a traditional Indigenous artist living and working on her homelands at Camel Camp, Utopia in central Australia. An Anmatyerr woman, she is the talented daughter of wonderful artist Kathleen Ngala (Kngale). Elizabeth’s work celebrates bush plum dreaming the story of which has been passed to down to her from her mother Kathleen and her aunties Angelina Ngale (Kngale) and Polly Ngale (Kngale). These older women taught Elizabeth her craft and she has now defined and refined her own mesmeric style of depicting the bush plum.

Her style is much more similar to that of her Auntie Angeline Ngala as she paints fine layers of white dots over a dark background and then scatters over coloured dots to create a shimmering multi-dimensional effect.

Elizabeth’s paintings also depict the changing seasonal influences on the Bush Plum plant which is of great significance to the Anmatyerr and Alyawarr women of the Eastern Desert region.