Dinny Kemarre Kunoth – artist and sculptor

Skin: Kemarre
Language Group: Anmatyarre
Region: Utopia
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Dreaming: Snake

Dinny Kunoth Kemarre was born in 1954 on Utopia a cattle station in central Australia. In his teens he was taught how to ride stock horses and he became a proficient stockman in the area mustering, branding and droving cattle.

Later in the 1970s when Utopia became an Aboriginal freehold property and was renamed Urapuntja he began honing his artistic skills sculpting and painting. He and his wife Josie Petyarre began sculpting naive figures of animals and birds. In the 90s he also began making football figures many of which have gone into private collections. In 2016 a group of these AFL figures representing heroes of every team went on display at Parliament House in Canberra to celebrate Reconciliation Week.

Dinny’s naive paintings of bush football and horse racing tell a vivid story of contemporary life in outback central Australia. The stockman Dinny Kunoth enjoys the annual Harts Range Race meeting where local jockeys test their skills on the track. His paintings of these unique bush race meetings are atmospheric, quirky and amusing as are his depictions of bush football matches. AFl football is extremely popular in the NT and Utopia and each community emulates an AFL team. Competition AFL Football is played throughout the country for over 6 months a year. The teams are named after and wear the uniform/colours of the AFL’s teams. Some of the local teams include the Soapy Bore Crows, Irrultja Port Power, Apungalingum Eagles, the Mulga Bore Magpies, Arlparra Dockers and Arnkawenyerr Swans. Exhibitions celebrating these paintings have been held in exhibitions in Melbourne and at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

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