Cowboy Louie Pwerle

Skin: Pwerle (also known as Pwerl)
Language Group: Anmatyerr
Region: Mosquito Bore, Utopia, Northern Territory
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Dreaming: Bush Turkey (Arwengerrp), Lizard (Arlewatyerr), Emu (Ankerr) Tucker

Cowboy Louie Pwerle was born in 1941 on Old MacDonald station. He is the younger brother of Louie Pwerle (deceased) who was an important Utopian artist and is an Eastern Anmatyerr speaker. His traditional country lies on the Western side of the Sandover River on Utopia station and stretches west on to Mt Skinner. Cowboy lives at Mosquito Bore with his two wives, both of whom are the sisters Carol and Elizabeth Kngwarreye.

Cowboy Louie depicts his Turkey Dreaming over various traditional sites on Utopia. He also paints Emu (Ankerr) Tucker Dreaming and Lizard (Arlewatyerr) Dreaming. Cowboy’s name is attributed to his reputation as a stockman and his cowboy attire.

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