Betty Mbitjana Club

Skin: Mbitjana
Language Group: Anmatyerr
Region: Atnwengerrp, Utopia, Northern Territory
Vendor: Tingari Arts
Dreaming: Awely, bush melon and bush plum

Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of renowned artist Minne Pwerle who taught her daughter the dreamtime stories through ceremonies and how to paint these on the body and on canvas.

Betty’s paintings depict the designs women paint on their bodies for the Awely ceremonies which are practised each summer at Utopia.  Through their ceremonies women pay homage to their ancestors and teach the younger women about women’s business.

  • 2012 - Aboriginal Artists in London, London, UK
  • 2012 - Belongings, Australasian Arts Projects, Singapore
  • 2014 – Indigenous Group Show, Without Pier Art Gallery, Melbourne
  • 2015 - Aboriginal Art, Wimbledon Fine Arts, London